Choir members make every effort to teach appropriate technology skills to anyone who will listen.

Loruvani Choir members have taught themselves how to build no-cost stoves from a mixture of mud, sand, and soil. They'll teach anyone how to build these stoves. Some choir members are starting mud stove building businesses. They've had good luck in their villages building stoves for their friends. A made-in-place mud stove costs about $3.00. Some choir members are experimenting with adding cement to the mix with the intention of selling more durable stoves which can be transported from small "factories" to buyer's houses. These will cost about $9.00.

Additionally and equally as importantly, choir members are working with the St. Jude School in Arusha, Tanzania to teach students how to build no-cost mud stoves. Students go out into villages on the weekends on community service trips, build mud stoves, and teach villagers how to build stoves for themselves and for each other.  This project is important for students in more ways than one: they get to do community service work, they dream up and build their own designs, they have to think about logistics and safety, and some of them are now talking about going into development work after they graduate in order to help their countrymen. See below for a brief description.

This collaborative effort will improve the lives and health of thousands of people by promoting more efficient and less smokey cooking methods. 

We estimate that these stoves will cut down smoke in houses by at least 60%. Deforestation and the workload of women carrying wood from the forest will be cut by an equal amount.


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