What will you do with the money if this album is a hit?

We can spend the money to start a project to help people raise more cows so they can get milk.

I want to help the orphans and street children and disabled people.

There are a lot of people with AIDS who need help.

We'll use the money to help start projects that support the choir members and others.

I want to open a small business like designing cards and decorating cakes.

Let's keep the money in the bank until we find really good projects.

My family and me, we live in a mud hut like many other choir members. If there is success, maybe we can get something bigger and better . . . . .

We can help the choirists to start some small businesses.

Life in Tanzania is peace and love, but it's very hard for poor people. We can help.

I want to leave the money in the bank. If we have to, we can buy a bus for the choir.

I want to become a lawyer and help people.

I want more information about the world.

We should buy a piano for the choir.

What has the choir done with the money it has already received? We've left most of it in the bank and used a small amount for building repairs and helping people who need it..

What's at your house? . . . . . six children, twenty chickens, one dog, and two cows. We help children who are orphans from other families whose parents died from AIDS.. I want to send all the kids to school.

What's the best thing about life? Singing.

And what's the best thing about your life? . . . to have enough to support the living .
. .

How has life changed in Tanzania in the past twenty years? Life has become unstable because the weather is unstable.

What's it like to be Maasai? I feel good. The Maasai tribe is the only tribe which has preserved its culture.  I'm so happy I'm Maasai and I'm proud to be one, too.

What's the most important thing for you? The Good Life. And to respect God.

What's the perfect job? Being a peasant and helping people.

What's the most important job? Teaching children. Don't you know that?  Where are you from, anyway?

How will life change in Tanzania in the next twenty years? We will try to raise our standard of living. But maybe life will get harder. It probably will. There are too many people to help. And more are being born all the time.

Do you have any other comments? Life is good, but sometimes it's hard.

Education for our children is getting too expensive.

I want to write more songs and record more music so everyone in the world can hear what we're like.

I have never used a computer and I want to learn.

I like country music.

What did you think when you first heard the album? I thought, is that really us? Is that what people hear when we sing?

From the Members of the Loruvani Maasai Choir



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